the escape sequence

Michael Kurze (GitHub, twitter), software engineer and open-source enthusiast.

Current Projects

  • How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

    Netflix Series
    Technical Consultant, since 2018

    I am consulting Bildundtonfabrik on technical questions concerning information security, software development, and nerd culture.

    If you see any code or a terminal on screen, chances are that I was involved.


  • planlos.in Deiner Stadt

    City Adventure Experience
    co-Founder, since 2016

    Together with a ton of creative people including two friends from high school (my co-founders), I am developing and running planlos.in. Since our launch in late 2016, tens of thousands of people have been enjoying our tours.

    This escape-game-style city adventure allows people to experience new places in a unique way, and to discover their own city with new eyes.

    Players find clues, solve riddles, and generally have a good time.

    Throughout the last couple of years, I have been supporting our tour authors in creating great experiences, while taking part in evolving our a Django based game platform, and in occasionally checking the Ansible based AWS ops.


  • Aachen Vue.js Meetup

    since 2018

    Recently on the backburner (thanks to COVID-19), Alexander Stoffers and I managed to gather the Vue.js Community in Aachen for seven meetups so far enjoying great talks as well as sponsored Pizza.

    Sign Up and join us for our next event!


  • LaxarJS

    middleware for the web client (stable)
    contributor/maintainer, since 2013

    It is a privilege to be employed as participant in an open source effort. LaxarJS can be considered a middleware that helps to decouple and structure your application components through a publish/subscribe-system.

    Initially, LaxarJS was mainly geared towards AngularJS developers, but can now be used as a bridging technology in a micro-frontend architecture. I favor using it in combination with Vue.js. For the LaxarJS team, Alex and I presented the project at enterJS 2015, goto;amsterdam(W-)JAX Munich.


  • This Site

    the escape sequence,
    personal site, 2017-2020

    Playing around with all the great libraries, frameworks and other tools out there, it becomes easy to get carried away and forget about the capabilities of the underlying web platform that powers it all. So for quite some time I took a certain joy in writing the JavaScript, (S)CSS and HTML on this site by hand.

    However, static site generators are just too compelling, so recently I took the opportunity to recreate the site using vitepress, a bleeding edge generator based on the upcoming Vue 3 and vite. In that process I picked up custom properties and dropped the SCSS in favor of plain standard CSS. This combination makes for a lightning fast editing experience, where Vite hot-reloads my content much faster than I can even start telling my browser to refresh.


Previous Projects

  • NBE and Wireflow

    node-based editing library
    various web technologies, 2016-2017

    A personal project of mine, NBE is a user interface to display and manipulate directed hypergraphs. In such graphs, each edge may connect from any number of nodes to any number of nodes. Check out a toy example where NBE is used to implement a simple circuit simulator.

    The AngularJS (later: React) module is aimed specifically at node-based editing applications such as digital compositing, visual programming, data integration/mining and project planning. The hypergraph-model also lends itself to composing and visualizing publish/subscribe-systems, where topics are modeled as edges in the hyper-graph. Automatic graph layout calculation is provided through dagre.

    Later, I recreated the UI in React. This version was used to implement the LaxarJS Developer Tools for Google Chrome.


  • Paperdart

    simple pastebin
    for hosting from Elasticsearch (2015)

    Pastebin sites are quite useful, especially in conjunction with a messaging app. However I found that the information I need to share is often not something to put out on the internet. If you have an Elasticsearch instance running on your intranet, you can simply put paperdart into your plugins folder, and there is your pastebin. Paperdart also offers preview for markdown and HTML, so for a time I used it to compose any substantial amount of markdown.

    I created the application using LaxarJS and Codemirror. It however does not use any of the more powerful Elasticsearch capabilities (like, say, search), merely treating it as a glorified key/value-store.


  • Firefox Input

    Sentiment analysis
    internships 2010/2011

    During my 2010 internship with the mozilla data team in Mountain View, I built a sentiment analysis tool for the original version of the Firefox Input site.

    Sadly, the Python/Django-solution of that time is no longer with us (the code is, though). My Contribution was used to identify website breakage in advance of the Firefox 4 release (the first "evergreen" version of Firefox).

    Together with a good deal of ETL work, this actually got my name on the "Monument" 😉

About x1B

This x1B is me, Michael Kurze, 2013 CS grad from RWTH Aachen, and this is my personal website. I am a software developer and product architect with aixigo AG in Aachen (Germany). Among other things, I take a part in the development of LaxarJS a runtime for the construction of large web-apps from small, manageable parts.

Professionally, my focus is and always has been on web technologies, a field that will probably never get boring. I am also interested in software and service architecture, machine learning and data mining topics (my master's thesis).


To get in touch, send an E-Mail to michael.codes__pm.me (insert @).

You can also find me as x1B on GitHub and (infrequently) as @0b11011 on twitter.

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